FancyMe Straight Hair Ponytail Extension

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  • $48.95


 Get Your Hair Pump Up.

Got your hair cut too short and you want to cure the awkward moment? It’s great to use the natural-looking FancyMe Straight Ponytail Extension.

The FancyMe Ponytail Extension is made of synthetic hairs that have different colors to choose from for you to match your natural hair. Its creative design that has wrap-around hair lets you coverup any trace that you wear any clip-on!


  • Instant Hair Volume:
    Adds thickness and body to your natural hair, enhancing your ponytail hair volume instantly. 

  • Seamless Extension:
    Extension looks natural as it blends with your natural hair.

  • Wrap Around Design:
    Has a wrap around created to coverup extension application for a more natural look.

  • Velcro Fastener and Comb:
    Fasten your extensions sturdily with the help of handy velcro and small hidden comb.

  • Easy To Maintain:
    Wash with shampoo and warm water, air dry, and comb to keep them untangled.


  • Materials: Synthetic Hair
  • Colour:  19 options

  • Size: 56cmX10cm


  • 1x FancyMe Ponytail Extension


Please allow 12-30 days for delivery