Kids Montessori Wooden Lacing DIY Toy

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【Threading Toys for 2 3 Year Old】Wooden threading beads set include animals, fruits and vegetables. An interesting combination of wooden lace beads and stringing activity games, all wooden blocks shape have a smooth surface and light weight, suitable for children's small hands to grasp. The laces have a small wooden stick, which is a simple, safe and fun threading wooden toys for kids.

【Montessori Toys for Toddlers 1 2 3 4 Year Old】For 18 month old babies to learn fruits, animals and vegetables. Our wooden stringing toys game provides a fun way for toddler to learn new things. This wooden educational strining toy will keep your kids entertained for hours while learning happily.

【100% Safe Kids Educational Toys】Our kid learning toys are made with safety in mind.This wooden bead set is free of BPA & phthalates and has been certified to meet rigorous safety standards set for children toys.

【 Fine Motor Skills Toys】Parent can teach preschool girls boys to understand the concept of counting numbers, basic maths learning, memorize the name of fruits and animals. It is also a great toys to enhance their hand-eye coordination ability, which is a great fine motor skills toys to stimulating kids imagination and creativity.


  • Product Name: Threading Wooden beads Toy
  • Product Material: Wood
  • Theme: Animals & Nature
  • Theme: Transportation
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Certification: Europe certified (CE)

Product Size: Shown as the picture

Age Range: >3 year

Product Package: OPP Bag

Packing List

1 × Wooden Beads Set

2 × Laces

Cartoon Wooden Beads Children's 3D thinking paradise

Digital/Letter/Animals/Transportation/Ocean/Fruit Beads

Interesting spelling words Puzzle digital operation

A fun puzzle word that spells out letters into words, and a puzzle number cruncher that spells out numbers into operations, figures out the answers and threads them together to exercise hand-eye coordination and enlighten the English language with numbers.

Open multidimensional cognition Expand children's knowledge

Water-based paint with a soft sheen

Water-based paint with water as solvent, bright colours and a soft film, a little guard for your baby to play with.

Sturdy Wooden Beads

Made of Robin board, high density, smooth surface, uniform structure, fine material, stable performance, firm edges, and good decorative surface, excellent quality.

Smooth, rounded and burr-free to protect baby's hands

360 degree polished, laser cut and beveled on all sides to ensure a smooth finish.

Numher heads that are both numbers and beads

A playful way to help preschoolers learn numbers

Recognise numbers by wearing them

Exercise your child's hand-eye co-ordination, colour recognition and develop your child's self-confidence.

Simple number operations

A fun and educational way to introduce children to mathematical operations early in the game and make them fall in love with maths.

Alphabet heads, letters and beads

A playful way to help your preschooler learn the alphabet

Recognise letters by wearing them

Exercise your child's hand-eye coordination, colour perception and develop self-confidence

Forest Animals and Farm Animals Beads

Cute animal shapes for both beading and role play

Children exercise patience, care and persistence by stringing animals to match.

Children can find avatars for the animals by doing the arithmetic puzzles

If you get it right, turn it over and it's a whole animal

When you're done, let's show who looks best in it!

Transport Beads

Recognise vehicles, role play and exercise hand-eye coordination

Parents can teach their habies about various modes of transport

Transportation awareness improves social awareness skills

Move your little hands and start dressing

Improve hand-eye coordination and build your child's self-confidence.

Vegetable and Fruit Beads

Parents can teach their babies about vegetables and fruits

Wearing vegetables and fruits to exercise hand-eye coordination

Children exercise patience, care and perseverance by matching vegetables and fruits.

Each head has a maths problem on the back

Matching number beads for number crunching

Number counting demonstration

Let's see who wins the most

Sea Animals Beads

Marine animal awareness and role play games to develop children's thinking skills.

Bead and string display

A fun and educational game to learn cognition to improve children's social awareness and develop their self-confidence.

Early Learning Mini Bead Wrap

Hand-eye Coordination/Fine Motor/Safe and Secure

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