PURC Coconut Oil Hair Mask 

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PURC 50ml Coconut Oil Hair Mask Repairs damage restore soft good orall hair types keratin Hair & Scalp Treatment for hair care
Purc Coconut Oil Hair Mask is a rich, creamy natural hair mask designed to hydrate and fortify
damaged hair. It nourishes and conditions weak, damaged, and over-processed hair. This premium
quality restorative hair care product contains a balance of all natural extracts that promotes improved texture,softness, manageability, and shine.
Carefully formulated with natural ingredients rich in vitamin E and fatty acids designed to restore
moisture, promote smoothness and shine, and vigorously combats breakage, leaving your hair
feeling reformed and vibrant. Suitable for all hair types.
Deeply conditions, hydrates, and moisturizes hair giving it a soft silky texture and adding brilliant shine.
Helps improve hair texture and strengthen weak, damaged, and over-processed hair.
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Purc Coconut Oil Hair Mask
Nourish and repair
Make hair soft and shiny

Coconut Oil Hair Mask smooth strengthen hair

Reduced Split ends, especially suitable for damaged hair

Split ends

Knotted hair

Yellow damaged hair

Dry hair

Greasy hair

Fragile hair

Deep-drenched beauty fluid

Smooth and shiny hair

From hair roots to hair tips

Deep repair and damaged hair core

Continuously nourishes hair vertically

Condition hair scales


Multiple Beauty Liquid RepairSerum

Enriched with 6 cosmetic ingredients to repair hair, from root to tip, Reproduces shine smooth hair


Natural extract coconut oil

Tightening Hair


Glutamic acid

Continuous color protection


Trehalose Sorbitol Extract

Lock water/Moisture


Squalane Polydimethylsiloxane

Soft and shiny


Phytosterol inducer

Repair hair

Make yourhairthroughlikeskin wonderfulcare
PURC coconut oil hair mask smooths frizz and enhances hair, Nourish hair.

Smoothing frizz hair

Nourishing and Moisturizing

Deep Repair

Nourishing Hair


Apply generous amount to towel-dried hair and massage through from roots to end. Wait for 5 to 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Use once or twice weekly. Amounts differ from person to person, but use enough to cover hair from roots to tips.

SAFETY WARNING: For external use only. Rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test
for any allergic reaction before use. Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children. If pregnant,
consult with your health care provider before use.








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