Reusable Glitter Stick-On Eyeliner Lashes

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Brighten your eyes like a breeze! 

Our Reusable Stick-On Eyeliners & Lashes are instant 2-in-1 eye make up adhesive tapes that look as good as real liquid liner with thick, long and full lashes, giving your eyes that flawless, sleek winged eye look anytime!

These super-fine eyeliner and eyelashes stickers are waterproof and smudge proof, can remain the semi-permanent tattoo result that last up to 3-5 days or even more with proper care

Comes with various styles, from classic black cat eyes to metallic glitter shadesthese durableangled peeper-perfecters will keep you winking for a long while. Reuse them multiple times and they are as good as new. 

  • Instant Flawless Eye Look:
    Instant 2-in-1 eye make up adhesive tapes that look as good as real liquid liner with thick, long and full lashes, giving your eyes that flawless, sleek winged eye look anytime!

  • Vibrant Shades:
    Comes with various styles, from classic black cat eyes to metallic glitter shades, you can definitely pick the one that suits your makeup or style.

  • Time-Saving:
    Wiping off and reapplying your cat-eye disasters is frustrating and a waste of time. Get ready quickly, just peel and stick. Natural eyeliner beauty in minutes!

  • Easy To Apply:
    No more need for messy liquid or gel eyeliners. With clean, dry skin, apply the sticker from the outer edges to one closed eye at a time. Use before or after makeup. Press gently near your lashes and va-va voom! Can be easily removed by cleansing oil or any makeup remover.
  • Long-lasting Result:
    Waterproof and smudge proof, your perfect cat eyes can last up to 5 days or even more with proper care.

    • Reusable & Durable:
      Why toss something you have invested in after the first wear? These eyeliner stickers can be reused multiple times. Rock perfect eyeliner at work and parties!
    • 100% Safe & Non-harmful:
      It causes no allergy and damage to the eyes and the skin area, even for sensitive skin. 

    • Fits For Everyone:
      Every eye is different, but your peepers will feel like the star of their very own show with these vivid, comfy adhesive eyeliner that is durable and stays put.
    1. Clean and dry your eyes. 
    2. Apply stick-on eyeliners and lashes from the outer edges to one closed eye at a time.
    3. Press gently near your lashes and you're good to go!
    • Color: Classic Black, Glam Emerald, Fluorescent Vibes, Royal Crown, Mermaid Eyes, Pink Galaxy, Neon Violet


    • 1 set x Reusable Stick-On Eyeliners & Lashes (4 pairs)


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